Thursday, September 24, 2009


The collection of St. Louis Public Library includes thousands of maps, atlases, and gazetteers.

Some items can be copied; others are so large / so fragile that copying is not possible. Some of these items can be checked out by SLPL cardholders; others must be used in the Library.

Need more information? Contact Joe Winkler, our maps expert!

Listings provide scale of maps, name of map group, and location within the Library.

1:100,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
1:125,000 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1890s- incomplete)- Map Room
1:24,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
1:250,000 scale USGS Maps- Map Room
1:500,000 scale USGS Maps (covers entire state)- Map Room
1:62,500 scale USGS Maps (ca. 1930s- incomplete) - Map Room
1:63,360 scale USGS Maps (Alaska only)- Map Room
Atlases in book form- HG Dept.
Atlases in book form- Stacks
CIA Base Maps, most major countries- HG Dept.
Country Maps (current), most countries- HG Dept.
FEMA Flood Insurance Maps (metro-area)- Map Room
Foreign Cities (major)- HG Dept.
Foreign topo maps of genealogically significant places- HG Dept.
Geologic Maps (some coverage)- Map Room
Illinois (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps (metro-area)- HG Dept.
Illinois metro-area topo maps (older)- Map Room
Missouri (current) 7.5 minute USGS Maps- HG Dept.
Missouri County Highway Maps (current)- HG Dept.
Missouri metro-area topo maps (older)- Map Room
National Park Service Maps of NPS Lands- HG Dept.
NIMA Special Series Maps (JOGs, ONCs, TPCs, etc.)- Map Room
Older maps (miscellaneous)- Map Room
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (microfilm)- HG Dept.
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (paper)- Special Collections Dept.
Street Maps (current), larger US cities- HG Dept.
Topographic Maps (indexes)- HG Dept.USDA Forest Service Maps- Map Room

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