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St. Louis Public Library Website
Indexes and Bibliographies--Alphabetical List

Library staff has prepared indexes for various local history books and periodicals. They have also prepared bibliographies on various genealogy and local history topics. Following is a list of indexes and bibliographies that are available on the St. Louis Public Library Website:

PART I --- A-D


Annals of Methodism in Missouri

Adela Riek Scharr

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The Biographical Directory of Railway Officials Index

Boo's Directory of St. Louis County, MO. (1909)

The Book of Missourians

Bounty and Public Land Claims, 1788-1855: a Selected Bibliography of Books in the Collection of St. Louis Public Library

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A Century of Enterprise: St. Louis, 1894--1994

City of St. Louis Collector of Revenue

City of St. Louis License Collector's Information

City of St. Louis Personnel Resources

The Civil War in Missouri: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography

Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase: The 1904 World's Fair

Confederate Veteran- Regimental Index (1893-1932)

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The Days and Nights of the Central West End

Divided State: Missouri Military Organizations in the Civil War
* 1st - 5th Regiments
* 6th - 25th Regiments
* 26th - 60th Regiments
* 60th - 89th Regiments
* A - L Regiments
* M - Z Regiments

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