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Indexes and Bibliographies--Alphabetical List

Library staff has prepared indexes for various local history books and periodicals. They have also prepared bibliographies on various genealogy and local history topics. Following is a list of indexes and bibliographies that are available on the St. Louis Public Library Website:


Official Catalogue of Louisiana Purchase Exposition Exhibitors: Libral Arts & Industrial Catagories (1904)

Old and New St. Louis

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Portraits of Missouri and Illinois Civil War Union Officers

Press Club Courier (1994-1999)

Profiles in Silhouette: Contributions of Black Women of Missouri

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Reports to the St. Louis Medical Society on Yellow Fever (1879)

Riverfront Times (1996-1998)

Roster of Men Who Served in Missouri Civil War Union Regiments Living in Nebraska in 1915

Roster of War of 1812 Missouri Militia Officers

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The Saint Louis Irish

The Sidewalks of St. Louis: Places, People, and Politics of an American City

Slavery, Rebellion, and Reconstruction: a Selected, Annotated Bibliography

Soldiers of the Great War: St. Louis' WWI Army Dead

The Spanish-American War: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography

St. Louis African-American Biography Master Index

St. Louis American (1996-1998 newspaper)

St. Louis Area Cemeteries

St. Louis Argus Obituary Index

St. Louis and Missouri Authors

St. Louis Artists

St. Louis Businesses (1890s)

St. Louis by the Numbers

St. Louis Cemetery Lists and Death Registers, 1764-1999: a Selected, Annotated Bibliography of Materials in the Collection of St. Louis Public Library

St. Louis City and St. Louis County Physicians Directory (1894)

St. Louis City and St. Louis County Vietnam War Dead

St. Louis Civil War Era Newspapers, 1861-1865

St. Louis Coffinmakers and Undertakers, 1859-1879

St. Louis: Its Neighborhoods And Neighbors, Landmarks And Milestones

St. Louis Mayors

St. Louis Mayors (1823-2001)

St. Louis Media Archives: Guide to Collections

St. Louis Memories and the '50's in St. Louis

St. Louis Newspapers on Microfilm in the Collection of St. Louis Public Library, 1808-2000

St. Louis Obituary Index

St. Louis Public Library Salutes Adela Riek Scharr

St. Louis Public Library's Photographic Collections

St. Louis Public Library's Resources for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

St. Louis Street Index

St. Louis: The Fourth City, 1764-1909

St. Louis: The Future Great City Of The World

St. Louis Woman's Biography: A Master Index

State and Federal Benefit Payments to and Land Grant Programs for U. S. Military Veterans, 1775-1966: a Chronology

State Archives Confederate Civil War Military Records Not in the Holdings of the National Archives

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