Saturday, December 22, 2012


This selected reading list compiled by Jean Gosebrink presents information on various city neighborhoods. All books listed may be borrowed from St. Louis Public Library. Check the library catalog ( for locations. You may request that the book be delivered to any city library branch. For more information on St. Louis neighborhoods and on other aspects of St. Louis history and culture, its people, institutions and organizations, consult staff of the St. Louis Room located at Central Library (314-241-2288): questions may be e-mailed to

Boyer, Mary Joan. The Old Gravois Coal Diggings. Cape Girardeau, Mo.: Ramfre Press, 1968. 977.866

Originally published in 1952, this book tells stories of the area of St. Louis bounded by Arsenal Street on the north, Gravois Road on the south, Grand Avenue on the east, and Kingshighway on the west.

Bryan, John A. Lafayette Square: The Most Historic Old Neighborhood in St. Louis. 2d ed. rev. St. Louis: Landmarks Association of St. Louis, 1969. 917.786

Outlines the history of Lafayette Square from its creation in 1836 as a thirty-acre park up to the 1960's, when most of the stately homes and other buildings had fallen into a state of disrepair.

Carondelet: The Ethnic Heritage of an Urban Neighborhood, edited by Carolyn Hewes Toft. St. Louis: Social Science Institute, Washington University, 1975. 917.7866

History of the south St. Louis neighborhood first settled by the French and later German immigrants. The nation's first kindergarten was established in Carondelet's Des Peres school.

Conley, Timothy G. Lafayette Square: An Urban Renaissance. St. Louis: Lafayette Square Press, 1974. 917.7866

A detailed history of Lafayette Square that also includes information on restoration efforts and plans.