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Following is a list of just a few of the books in the Library’s collection that deal with mines and mining in Missouri and Illinois. Additional books can be located by searching in the Library’s catalog under:

Coal mines and mining--Illinois

The search syntax works for any mineral and state of interest, for instance:

Lead mines and mining—Missouri

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CP: Carpenter Branch

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GENE: Genealogy Room (3rd Floor)
ST: Stacks (ask at the desk in any room on the 3rd Floor)
STL: St. Louis Room (3rd Floor)


Title: 50 Pb: early history of the Lead Belt.
Author/Compiler: Smith, Peary A.
Local Call Number: ST--622.34409
Publication Date: 1985.
Format: Books.

Title: Annual coal report of Illinois.
Author/Compiler: Illinois. Dept. of Mines and Minerals. Illinois. State Mining Board.
Local Call Number: ST--622.009 (1925)
Format: Serials (Periodicals) Poster.

Title: A compilation of the reports of the mining industry of Illinois from the earliest records to the close of the year 1930.
Author/Compiler: Illinois. Dept. of Mines and Minerals.
Local Call Number: ST--622.009
Publication Date: 1931.
Format: Books.

Title: Grandin, Hunter, West Eminence, and the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company.
Author/Compiler: Ponder, Jerry.
Local Call Number: GENE--977.889
Publication Date: 1989.
Format: Books.

Title: The lead and zinc mining industry of southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas.
Author/Compiler: Holibaugh, John R.
Local Call Number: ST--622
Publication Date: 1895.
Format: Books.

Title: The Lead Belt Mining Riot of 1917 .
Author/Compiler: Lawson, V. L.
Local Call Number: ST--977.868
Publication Date: 1976.
Format: Books.

Title: Lost mines and buried treasures of Missouri.
Author/Compiler: Jameson, W. C.
Local Call Number: ST, CP--977.8
Publication Date: 2011.
Format: Books.

Title: Missouri directory of manufacturing and mining.
Local Call Number: ST--670 (1969-1983; various years)
Format: Serials (Periodicals).
Title: The Old Gravois Coal Diggings.
Author/Compiler: Boyer, Mary Joan.
Local Call Number: ST, STL--977.866
Publication Date: 1954.
Format: Books.

Title: Old grubstake days in Joplin: the story of the pioneers who discovered the largest and richest lead and zinc mining field in the world.
Author/Compiler: Draper, William R. & Mabel Draper.
Local Call Number: GENE--977.8
Publication Date: 1946.
Format: Books.

Title: Our Lead Belt heritage: a series of articles.
Author/Compiler: Thompson, Henry C.
Local Call Number: GENE--977.8
Publication Date: 1955.
Format: Books.

Title: Preliminary report on the lead and zinc deposits of the Ozark region.
Author/Compiler: Geological Survey (U.S.); Bain, Harry Foster & George Irving; & Charles Richard Hise.
Local Call Number: ST--553.4
Publication Date: 1902.
Format: Books.

Title: Southwest Missouri mining.
Series Title: Images of America.
Author/Compiler: Pryor, Jerry.
Local Call Number: STL--977.87
Publication Date: 2000.
Format: Books.

Title: Southern Illinois coal: a portfolio.
Author/Compiler: Horrell, C. William. & Herbert K. Russell.
Local Call Number: ST--305.9622
Publication Date: 1995.
Format: Books.

Title: Wilderness bonanza: the Tri-State District of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
Author/Compiler: Gibson, Arrell Morgan.
Local Call Number: ST--338.274
Publication Date: 1972.
Format: Books.


Note: You can access Fold3.com anytime at Central or our branches, but for the next two weeks you can access their Civil War Collection for free from home:

To remember the commencement of the Civil War in April 1861, Fold3 invites you to explore all records in its Civil War Collection for free April 14–30.

Explore Civil War documents featuring everything from military records to personal accounts and historic writings. Soldier records include service records, pension index cards, “Widows’ Pension” files, Navy survivors certificates, Army registers, and much more. Other record types include photographs, original war maps, court investigations, slave records, and beyond. Items such as the Lincoln Assassination Papers, Sultana Disaster documents, letters to the Adjutant General and Commission Branch, and the 1860 census are also contained in the Civil War Collection.

Confederate-specific records include Confederate service records, amnesty papers, casualty reports, and citizens files, as well as Confederate Navy subject files and Southern Claims Commission documents.

Join Fold3 in its commemoration of the Civil War. Discover information on famous participants as well as your own Civil War ancestors through documents, photos, and images that capture the experiences and vital information of those involved in America’s deadliest conflict. Then commemorate your ancestors by creating or expanding memorial pages for them on Fold3’s Honor Wall. Get started searching the Civil War Collection here.

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National Library Week is April 13 - 19 and the St. Louis Public Library wants to celebrate by learning how your Library has changed your life.

Send us a brief story (100 words or less) about how the St. Louis Public Library has changed your life. Maybe it was a special Librarian, an inspiring program, a favorite book, or the thrill of completing Summer Reading Club for the very first time. Whatever it is, we want to hear it!

E-mail your story to editor@slpl.org or mail them to St. Louis Public Library (Attn: Marketing Dept.), 1415 Olive Street, St. Louis 63103-2325. We’ll post selected submissions on the Library’s website, on Facebook, and in our Branches.

See you at the Library!

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RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City. She carried 2,224 passengers and crew. The sinking caused the deaths of more than 1,500 people, making it one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history.

The RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time it entered service. It was the second of three Olympic class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line, and was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Thomas Andrews, her naval architect, Andrews was among those lost during the sinking.

Wikipedia article on the Titanic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Titanic.


Library Branches

BU: Buder Branch
CO: Carondelet Branch
DA: Julia Davis Branch
DI: Divoll Branch
CP: Carpenter Branch
MA: Machacek Branch
SC: Schlafly Branch

Central Library Locations

CE: Central Express
HG: History & Geography Room
ST: Stacks
STL: St. Louis Room


Title: The birth of the Titanic.
Author/Compiler: McCaughan, Michael.
Local Call Number: MA--910.91634
Publication Date: 1999
Format: Books.

Title: Farewell, Titanic: her final legacy.
Author/Compiler: Pellegrino, Charles R.
Local Call Number: CP--910.91634
Publication Date: 2012.
Format: Books.

Title: James Cameron's Titanic; photography by Douglas Kirkland; unit photography by Merie W. Wallace; project editor, Jain Lemos; book design by Joel Avirom and Jason Snyder.
Author/Compiler: Cameron, James, and Ed. W. Marsh.
Local Call Number: ST--Oversize 791.4302
Publication Date: 1997.
Format: Books.

Title: The rough guide to the Titanic.
Author/Compiler: Ward, Greg.
Local Call Number: CO--910.91634
Publication Date: 201.2
Format: Books.

Title: Titanic: a night remembered.
Author/Compiler: Barczewski, Stephanie L.
Local Call Number: HG--910.91634
Publication Date: 2004.
Format: Books.

Title: The Titanic and the Californian.
Author/Compiler: Padfield, Peter.
Local Call Number: ST--910.4
Publication Date: 1966.
Format: Books.

Title: The Titanic for dummies.
Author/Compiler: Spignesi, Stephen J.
Local Call Number: DA, SC--910.91634
Publication Date: 2012.
Format: Books.

Title: Titanic: legacy of the world's greatest ocean liner
Author/Compiler: Wels, Susan.
Local Call Number: HG, BU, CO--910.91634 Publication Date: 1997.
Format: Books.

Title: The "Titanic man", Carlos F. Hurd: covering the most famous of all shipwrecks, S.S. Titanic.
Author/Compiler: Gillespie, Vera; Gillespie, John; and Carlos F. Hurd.
Local Call Number: STL, ST--910.91634
Publication Date: 1996.
Format: Books.

Title: The Titanic story.
Author/Compiler: Hutchings, David F.
Local Call Number: DI--363.1230916
Publication Date: 2008.
Format: Books.

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Some items published by the St. Louis Public Library are available full-text online via HathiTrust, a partnership of major research institutions and libraries working to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future. There are more than 90 partners in HathiTrust, and membership is open to institutions worldwide.

About HathiTrust

Most of the following items were published prior to 1923. This is only a partial list of such items available from HathiTrust. The list is presented on this blog because your St. Louis ancestors almost certainly used the Library on a frequent basis--now you can figure out what sorts of material they were reading and what types of programs/lectures they attended at the Library!

St. Louis Public Library. Addresses And Other Proceedings At the Opening Exercises of the New Central Library Building, January Sixth, 1912. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1912.

St. Louis Public Library. American Local Dialects: a Series of Lists Compiled by the St. Louis Public Library. 2d ed. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1915.

St. Louis Public Library. Annual Report. 1878-1922. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1878-1922.

St. Louis Public Library. The Central Library Building of the Public Library of the City of St. Louis. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1912.

St. Louis Public Library. Furs And Fur Bearers of the United States And Canada: a List of Books And Articles On the Technology And Romance of the Subject. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1929.

St. Louis Public Library. Information Please: a Typical Day In the Reference Departments of the St. Louis Public Library, Including Annual Statistical And Financial Report, 1940-1941. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1941.

St. Louis Public Library. Maps In the St. Louis Public Library. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1931.

St. Louis Public Library. Monthly Bulletin. New Series. Vols. 1-20 [1903-1922]. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1903-1922.

St. Louis Public Library. New Books for Old. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1916.

St. Louis Public Library. The Readers' Advisory Service of the St. Louis Public Library. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1929.

St. Louis Public Library. Staff Manual. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1955.

St. Louis Public Library. Where Neighbors Meet--an Account of the Use of Assembly And Club Rooms in the St. Louis Public Library. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1917.

St. Louis. Public Library. Library School. Circular of Information (1917-1933). [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1917-1933.

St. Louis Public Library. Library School. Vocational Guidance. [St. Louis]: St. Louis Public Library, 1921.

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Yes, we've got lots of books to help you trace your Irish ancestors, including this one:

More books about researching Irish ancestors


Is it about time to publish the results of your family research? SLPL has books that can help, including this one:

Go to SLPL Catalog listings for this author