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Following is a list of just a few of the books in the Library’s collection that deal with mines and mining in Missouri and Illinois. Additional books can be located by searching in the Library’s catalog under:

Coal mines and mining--Illinois

The search syntax works for any mineral and state of interest, for instance:

Lead mines and mining—Missouri

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Library Branch Locations:

CP: Carpenter Branch

Central Library Locations:

GENE: Genealogy Room (3rd Floor)
ST: Stacks (ask at the desk in any room on the 3rd Floor)
STL: St. Louis Room (3rd Floor)


Title: 50 Pb: early history of the Lead Belt.
Author/Compiler: Smith, Peary A.
Local Call Number: ST--622.34409
Publication Date: 1985.
Format: Books.

Title: Annual coal report of Illinois.
Author/Compiler: Illinois. Dept. of Mines and Minerals. Illinois. State Mining Board.
Local Call Number: ST--622.009 (1925)
Format: Serials (Periodicals) Poster.

Title: A compilation of the reports of the mining industry of Illinois from the earliest records to the close of the year 1930.
Author/Compiler: Illinois. Dept. of Mines and Minerals.
Local Call Number: ST--622.009
Publication Date: 1931.
Format: Books.

Title: Grandin, Hunter, West Eminence, and the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company.
Author/Compiler: Ponder, Jerry.
Local Call Number: GENE--977.889
Publication Date: 1989.
Format: Books.

Title: The lead and zinc mining industry of southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas.
Author/Compiler: Holibaugh, John R.
Local Call Number: ST--622
Publication Date: 1895.
Format: Books.

Title: The Lead Belt Mining Riot of 1917 .
Author/Compiler: Lawson, V. L.
Local Call Number: ST--977.868
Publication Date: 1976.
Format: Books.

Title: Lost mines and buried treasures of Missouri.
Author/Compiler: Jameson, W. C.
Local Call Number: ST, CP--977.8
Publication Date: 2011.
Format: Books.

Title: Missouri directory of manufacturing and mining.
Local Call Number: ST--670 (1969-1983; various years)
Format: Serials (Periodicals).
Title: The Old Gravois Coal Diggings.
Author/Compiler: Boyer, Mary Joan.
Local Call Number: ST, STL--977.866
Publication Date: 1954.
Format: Books.

Title: Old grubstake days in Joplin: the story of the pioneers who discovered the largest and richest lead and zinc mining field in the world.
Author/Compiler: Draper, William R. & Mabel Draper.
Local Call Number: GENE--977.8
Publication Date: 1946.
Format: Books.

Title: Our Lead Belt heritage: a series of articles.
Author/Compiler: Thompson, Henry C.
Local Call Number: GENE--977.8
Publication Date: 1955.
Format: Books.

Title: Preliminary report on the lead and zinc deposits of the Ozark region.
Author/Compiler: Geological Survey (U.S.); Bain, Harry Foster & George Irving; & Charles Richard Hise.
Local Call Number: ST--553.4
Publication Date: 1902.
Format: Books.

Title: Southwest Missouri mining.
Series Title: Images of America.
Author/Compiler: Pryor, Jerry.
Local Call Number: STL--977.87
Publication Date: 2000.
Format: Books.

Title: Southern Illinois coal: a portfolio.
Author/Compiler: Horrell, C. William. & Herbert K. Russell.
Local Call Number: ST--305.9622
Publication Date: 1995.
Format: Books.

Title: Wilderness bonanza: the Tri-State District of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
Author/Compiler: Gibson, Arrell Morgan.
Local Call Number: ST--338.274
Publication Date: 1972.
Format: Books.

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