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If you’ve never managed to get six numbers in the lottery (I share your pain), you may wish to start looking down instead of looking up. Luckily, the Library has lots of books that just might help you figure out where to find lost/buried/sunken treasure.


Library Branches:

BU: Buder Branch
CO: Carondelet Branch
CP: Carpenter Branch
DA: Julia Davis Branch
DI: Divoll Branch
KI: Kingshighway Branch
MA: Machacek Branch
SC: Schlafly Branch
WA: Walnut Park Branch

Central Library:

BT: Business & Technology Room
HG: History & Geography Room
ST: Stacks
STL: St. Louis Room


Title: Ancient treasures: the discovery of lost hoards, sunken ships, buried vaults, and other long-forgotten artifacts.
Author/Compiler: Haughton, Brian.
Local Call Number: MA--622.19
Format: Books

Title: The atlas of lost treasures: rediscover ancient wonders.
Author/Compiler: Levy, Joel.
Local Call Number: SC--930.10282
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Books

Title: Atlas of treasure maps.
Author/Compiler: Coffman, Ferris La Verne.
Local Call Number: ST--Oversize 912
Publication Date: 1957
Format: Books

Title: A guide to sunken ships in American waters.
Author/Compiler: Lonsdale, Adrian L. & H.R. Kaplan.
Local Call Number: ST--910.4
Publication Date: 1964
Format: Books

Title: Guide to the world's greatest treasures.
Author/Compiler: Bradley, Michael, and Ted Streuli.
Local Call Number: CO--904
Publication Date: CO--2008
Format: Books

Title: Lost mines and buried treasures of Missouri.
Author/Compiler: Jameson, W. C.
Local Call Number: ST, CP--977.8
Publication Date: 2011
Format: Books

Title: Lost Desert bonanzas. Maps by Norton Allen.
Author/Compiler: Conrotto, Eugene L.
Local Call Number: ST--917.9
Publication Date: ST--1963
Format: Books

Title: Lost gold & buried treasure: a treasure hunter's guide to 100 fortunes waiting to be found.
Author/Compiler: Randle, Kevin D.
Local Call Number: CP--910.45
Publication Date: 1995
Format: Books

Title: Lost treasures of American history.
Author/Compiler: Jameson, W. C.
Local Call Number: MA--973
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Books

Title: Lost treasures of Table Rock Lake & other true pioneer tales.
Author/Compiler: Pipes, Gerald Harrison.
Local Call Number: ST--917.78
Publication Date: 1959
Format: Books

Title: Missouri treasures and Civil War sites.
Author/Compiler: Tatham, Robert L.
Local Call Number: STL--622.19
Publication Date: 1974
Format: Books

Title: Shadow of the sentinel: one man's quest to find the hidden treasure of the Confederacy.
Author/Compiler: Getler, Warren; and Bob Brewer.
Local Call Number: BU--973.713
Publication Date: 2003
Format: Books

Title: Strike it rich: treasure hunting with metal detectors.
Author/Compiler: Hardigree, Peggy Ann.
Local Call Number: ST--622.19
Publication Date: 1980
Format: Books

Title: Treasure hunter.
Author/Compiler: Rieseberg, Harry E.
Local Call Number: ST--627
Publication Date: 1945
Format: Books

Title: The treasure hunter's information source guide.
Author/Compiler: Wainwright, Barry W.
Local Call Number: BT--622.19
Publication Date: 1995
Format: Books

Title: Treasure tales of the Rockies.
Author/Compiler: Eberhart, Perry.
Local Call Number: ST--398.2
Publication Date: 1961
Format: Books

Title: True tales of buried treasure.
Author/Compiler: Snow, Edward Rowe.
Local Call Number: ST--910.4
Publication Date: 1960
Format: Books

Title: The urban treasure hunter: a practical handbook for beginners.
Author/Compiler: Chaplan, Michael.
Local Call Number: ST, BU, CP, DA, KI, WA--622.19
Publication Date: 2005
Format: Books

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