Friday, August 26, 2016


Internet Genealogy 11:2 (Jun/Jul 2016) includes a number of articles of likely interest to our genealogists.
Free UK Genealogy (pp. 12-13) looks at three valuable free websites that offer lots of information, including indexes of births, marriages, and deaths, historic parish registers, and 19th century English and Welsh censuses.
Tell Their Stories! (pp. 14-16) discusses how is helping researchers to preserve and share the stories of their ancestors’ lives.
Online Genealogy Sources for Researching the Great Depression (pp. 18-21) enumerates some easily accessible records that can help you flesh out the lives of Depression-era (1929-1941) American ancestors. For example:
  • 1930 U.S. Census
  • 1940 U.S. Census
  • State census (1935 available for a few states)
  • School census (exist for a few states)
  • City directories and telephone books
  • Civilian Conservation Corps records
  • Farm Security Administration photos
  • Office of War Information photos
  • Historic American Buildings Survey
  • Federal Writers Project
  • State Emergency Relief Program database (OK)
  • Old Age Pension database (ID)
The author provides a description of and URL for each of these potential genealogical gold mines.
Supreme Court Cases and Your Family History (pp. 42-44) looks at legal reference materials that may offer research results of great interest to family historians.

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