Friday, August 26, 2016


Your Genealogy Today 2:3 (Jul/Aug 2016) includes a number of articles of likely interest to our genealogists.   

Picture This! (p. 13) discusses use of photos on blogs, websites, and in printed publications. The short answer to “Can I use this photo?” is it all depends…

Breaking through Brick Walls with Bricklayers’ Union Records (pp. 14-20) discusses resources available for persons researching bricklayer ancestors in the U.S. and Canada.

America Discovers America: the Federal Writers’ Project (pp.24-26) looks this 1930s work relief program that employed thousands of writers, editors, historians, and researchers, and produced more than 1,200 publications.

Finding the Reeds (pp. 31-35) shows how census records can be used to help track the movements of a family that rarely stayed in one place for very long.

How to Approach Family History Research Like an Historian (pp. 38-39) demonstrates how genealogists can employ techniques similar to those utilized by professional historians in order to create more engaging and better-documented family histories.

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