Saturday, June 11, 2016


Your Genealogy 2:1 (March-April 2016) offers several articles of possible interest to our genealogists. Of special interest:

World War II from the Battlefield (pp.13-18): You may already have obtained your relative’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)—or discovered that one does not exist for your persons of interest. There’s no need to stop there, however: there are almost certainly additional records created about military unit or units he or she served in that can shed additional light on the military career of the veteran in question. Such records can include:
  • Army and Army Air Corps Monthly Personnel Rosters
  • Army and Army Air Corps Morning Reports
  • Army Air Corps Accident Reports
  • Army and Army Air Corps Missing Air Crew Reports
  • Navy and Marine Corps Muster Rolls
  • Army After-Action Reports
  • Marine Mission Reports
  • Naval War Diaries
  • Naval Deck Logs
  • Air Force Award Cards
The author explains what each type of record contains and where they can be located.

The New York Municipal Archives (pp.41-44): I expected an article about the numerous and varied holdings of this venerable institution, but what I got was actually an account of the author’s search for information about his elusive Jewish ancestors. That said, the article is in fact quite entertaining and does provide information about some of the resources available at this amazing archive.

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