Saturday, June 11, 2016


Family Tree Magazine 17:3 (May-June 2016) offers several articles of possible interest to our genealogists. Of special interest:

Hiding in the Census (pp.16-22): Can’t find your ancestor in the U.S. census? You’re not alone! An expert offers seven tips to help you surmount common obstacles faced by persons using the census.

Private Property (pp. 28-32): As you surf the Web, you may be attracting hackers and trackers the way fragrant cheese attracts mice. Here are ten tips that can help you surf safely and securely.

Military Service Records (pp.33-40): This month’s Workbook is a very helpful guide to 18th and 19th century American military records, especially Compiled Military Service Records (CMSRs). What are they; what do CMSRs for veterans of particular wars contain; and where can these records be found? Included are a list of important websites and a Military Service Records Worksheet.

Mapping It Out (pp.42-49): Are you researching ancestors from Poland, Slovakia, or the Czech Republic? If you need help with geography and cartography, you’ve come to the right place! This article looks at each country in turn, explains its geographic and administrative divisions, and notes online sources for historical maps and gazetteers.

Estimating Relationships with Shared Centimorgans (pp.56-57): The title may sound like gibberish to you now, but after reading it you will likely find it much easier to estimate degree of kinship based on the amount of centimorgans (a unit for measuring genetic linkage) you share with a potential cousin.

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