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The Gateway City Goes to War, 1941-1945, PART II

10. Missouri Conservation Commission. Wildlife Goes to War: How to Make Intelligent Use of Wildlife Resources During the War Period. Jefferson City, Mo.: Missouri Conservation Commission, 1943. (Central-ST 355.24)

Includes five circulars bound into one volume: No. 1: Waterfowl Feathers; No. 3: Rabbit Fur Essential to War Effort; No. 5: Natural Resources: Their Care and Use in Wartime; No. 102: Fats From Furbearers and Other Wild Animals; and No. 104: Wildlife: a Renewable Food Resource if Used Wisely.

11. Missouri War Chest. The History and Accomplishments of the Missouri War Chest. St. Louis, Mo.: 1946. (Central-ST 940.92)

Includes lists of members of the Board of Directors of the Missouri War Chest, and of County Leaders in its three fundraising campaigns: 1943-1944; 1944-1945; and 1945-1946.

12. Nance, Ellwood C. Faith of Our Fighters. St. Louis, Mo.: Bethany Press, 1944. (Central-ST 940.92)

Accounts of the work of chaplains of all faiths during the war, and the religious activities of American men and women in uniform. One of the articles (by Chaplain Richard Chase) is a fascinating account of how the need in wartime to kill other human beings can affect one's religious faith and beliefs. Illustrated with b&w photographs.

13. National Conference of Social Work. St. Louis Speaks: a Collection of the Papers Delivered by St. Louisans at the War Regional Meeting. St. Louis: Social Planning Council, 1943. (Central-ST 361)

Includes sections on Manpower; Labor; Social Work; The Church; The Family; Children; Youth; Probation and Parole; Vocational Guidance; Psychiatric Effects of the War; and War Chests.

14. Official Souvenir Program, 1944 World Series. San Jose, Ca.: R. D. Opie, 1978. (Central-ST 796.35764)

A reproduction of the program printed for the 1944 World Series, which was held at Sportsman’s Park and featured the St. Louis Browns and the St. Louis Cardinals. Includes b&w photographs of players and officials of both teams, and ads placed in the program by prominent St. Louis companies like Anheuser-Busch, Falstaff, and Hyde Park Beer. Concludes with a four-page epilog added to the original program by the publisher.

15. Proehl, Frederick C. Marching Side by Side: Stories from Lutheran Chaplains on the Far-flung Battlefronts. St. Louis, Mo.: Concordia, 1945. (Central-ST 940.92)

Accounts of the work of the Chaplains' Corps of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Illustrated with b&w photographs of chaplains performing their duties in all services and theaters of war. Includes an In Memoriam section of chaplains who died while in the service, and a list of chaplains on active duty as of May 7, 1945.

16. Pulitzer, Joseph. A Report to the American People. St. Louis, Mo.: 1945. (Central-RB 940.5405)

Articles Pulitzer wrote during a 15-day tour of German concentration camps (April 23, 1945-May 8, 1945) taken at the request of General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

17. Ross, Charles G. Men and Jobs After the War. St. Louis: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1944. (Central-ST 338.91)

This booklet reproduces a series of 22 articles by Charles G. Ross, a contributing editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which appeared in that newspaper during the time period March 5- June 4, 1944. The subject of the articles was planning for full post-war employment. The booklet also reproduces several editorial cartoons by Post artist Tom Fitzpatrick.

18. Saint Louis (Mo.). Chamber of Commerce. Metropolitan St. Louis War Service Directory. St. Louis: Chamber of Commerce, 1943. (Central-ST 355.21)

A booklet prepared by the Research Director of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce which attempts to list all the military and civilian agencies in the Greater St. Louis area which related in some way to the war effort. The list divides agencies into various categories, such as "Agriculture," "Chambers of Commerce," and "Training for War Work" to name a few. For each agency included the list provides name and address of the agency, and (in the case of civilian agencies) the name of the executive director.

19. Saint Louis (Mo.). Chamber of Commerce. Committee on Demobilization and Re-Employment. Returning Veterans: Some Suggestions for Employers. St. Louis: Committee on Demobilization and Re-Employment, July 1945. (Central-ST 355.115)

A booklet aimed at employers that outlines the re-employment rights of returning veterans. There is discussion of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944; the Veterans' Preference Act of 1944; a list of local agencies providing advice or services to returning veterans; and a list of members of the Chamber of Commerce's Committee on Demobilization and Re-Employment.

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