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The Gateway City Goes to War, 1941-1945: a Selected, Annotated Bibliography of St. Louis Imprints in the Collection of St. Louis Public Library

Most of the items included on the following list of books and pamphlets were printed in St. Louis or the surrounding area during World War II. Most explore the impact of the war on the St. Louis metro area. A few items not published locally are included because of the high degree of relevance of their content to this bibliography.

List entries provide author, title, publication information, call number and department, and a brief annotation.

1. American Title Association. Proceedings of the 1943 War Conference: St. Louis [June 1943]. Detroit, Mi.: 1943. (Central-ST 368.8)

Report of the proceedings of the 1943 conference of the American Title Association that was held in St. Louis. Includes b&w photographs of conference speakers, and lists of association officers, past presidents, and conference attendees.

2. Board of Education of the City of St. Louis, Mo. Teaching of Citizenship in Our American Democracy. St. Louis: Department of Instruction, Division of Instruction and Research, 1942-1943. (Central-ST 320.7)

Consists of three volumes produced by the Committee on Teaching of Citizenship in Our American Democracy:

Volume 1: Underlying Philosophy;
Volume 2: Suggestive Activities and Procedures in the Elementary School;
Volume 3: Suggestive Activities and Procedures in the High Schools and Teachers Colleges.

3. Board of Education of the City of St. Louis, Mo. War Workers Training Program, National Defense Training Program, of the Board of Education, St. Louis: Period of Operation, Sept. 10, 1940 to June 30, 1944; an Analytical Review. St. Louis: Board of Education, 1945. (Central-ST Oversize 371.42)

A report on the War Workers Training Program by auditor William M. Susanka. Includes an overview of the program, and sections on Use of Facilities; Financing Procedure; and Supplies.

4. Committee for Economic Development. St. Louis District. Survey of Postwar Employment in the St. Louis Industrial Area. St. Louis, Mo.: The Committee, 1945. (Central-ST 338.9)

A report prepared by the Committee for Economic Development, which was headed by Dr. William McClellan, Chairman of the Board of Union Electric Company. A preface says that the first thing the Committee did was compile a list of approximately 2,700 manufacturing firms in the St. Louis area, 800 of which had more than 25 employees before the war began. Unfortunately, the report does not reprint this list, although it does include numerous statistics, including many comparisons of pre-war, wartime, and estimated post-war production and population figures.

5. Harland Bartholomew & Associates. A Preliminary Report Upon the Effect of the War Industries Upon Community Facilities: St. Louis County, Missouri. St. Louis, Mo.: The Associates, 1942. (Central-ST 330.9)

A typescript of the report prepared by Harland Bartholomew & Associates for the St. Louis County Court. Includes sections on Population and Growth; Sewers, Water, and Housing; Highways; Transit; Schools; Police and Fire Protection; and Recreation, with recommendations for improvements made by report preparers.

6. Hutchins, Robert Maynard. The Outlook for Civilization: Address Delivered April 15, 1943 Before the Annual Meeting, St. Louis Chapter, Missouri Association for Social Welfare. St. Louis: 1943. (Central-ST 940.92)

Text of a talk by the president of the University of Chicago.

7. Impact of the War on the St. Louis Area, City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri; Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois. Washington, D.C.: United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment and Occupational Outlook Branch, 1944. (Central-ST 330.97786)

A report on the effects of the wartime economy on the St. Louis metropolitan area. Includes numerous charts and graphs. Includes a list of industrial area studies then in preparation.

8. Judd, Walter H. After Victory- What? Speech Before the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, August 11, 1943. St. Louis, Mo.: 1943. (Central-ST 940.929)

Text of a speech by Judd, Republican Congressman from Minnesota, in support of a bill urging the creation of the United Nations as a means of preventing future wars.

9. Missouri. Department of Education. War Problems and Responsibilities of Missouri Schools. Jefferson City, Mo.: Mid-State Printing Co., 1943. (Central-ST 370.9)

An account of how the Missouri Department of Education cooperated with the armed forces to prepare as quickly as possible students who would be ready for induction into the armed forces. Each section within the booklet has its own short bibliography. Includes recommended curriculums for high schools with varying enrollments.

Compiled by: Thomas A. Pearson
Special Collections Department
St. Louis Public Library

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