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The following list of Missouri soldiers, sailors, and marines buried in European cemeteries is abstracted from pages 149-159 of PILGRIMAGE FOR THE MOTHERS AND WIDOWS (1930). The list is organized alphabetically by name of the deceased, and is intended to facilitate access to the Missouri section of PILGRIMAGE. It includes the name of the deceased, city or county of residence, deceased's rank and organization, the cemetery in which the deceased was buried, and the page number in PILGRIMAGE on which this listing appears.

Please contact our Government Information Department (314-539-0375) if you would like a photocopy of the listings for an individual, county, or state from the PILGRIMAGE publication. [Central-Government Information Y1.1/2:9225]


Jackson, Larney- Montgomery Co.- Pvt., 368th Inf., Co. B- St. Mihiel (p. 155)
Jamison, Roland Ray- Hickory Co.- PM1C, U.S. Navy- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Janss, Harold Peter- Greene Co.- Pvt., 130th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. B- Meuse-Argonne (p. 151)
Jarosik, Jacob Frank- St. Louis City- Pvt., 5th Regiment, 55th Co., U.S.M.C.- Aisne-Marne (p. 157)
Jenkins, Ivyl E.- Randolph Co.- Pvt., 103th Inf., Co. H- St. Mihiel (p. 156)
Johns, William K.- Cooper Co.- Pvt., 342nd Machine Gun Battalion, Co. D- Meuse-Argonne (p. 150)
Johnston, David M.- Franklin Co.- Pfc., 2nd Machine Gun Battalion, Co. A- Oise-Aisne (p. 151)
Jones, Ira- New Madrid Co.- Pvt., 32nd Engineers, Co. F- Suresnes (p. 155)
Jutz, John F.- St. Louis City- Pvt., 6th Inf., Co. K- St. Mihiel (p. 157)


Kasten, Brook F.- Vernon Co.- Pvt., 363rd Inf., Co. L- Flanders Field (p. 159)
Kenney, John F.- Newton Co.- Pvt., 80th Field Artillery, Battery D- St. Mihiel (p. 155)
Keune, Carl A.- Linn Co.- Pvt., 32nd Engineers, Co. F- Meuse-Argonne (p. 154)
King, Charles W.- Sullivan Co.- Pvt., 4th Inf., Co. K- Meuse-Argonne (p. 158)
King, Roy U.- Cape Girardeau Co.- Pvt., 140th Inf., Co. L- Meuse-Argonne (p. 150)
Kious, John W.- Clark Co.- Pvt., 360th Inf., Co. C- St. Mihiel (p. 150)
Kirkpatrick, Roy- Jackson Co.- Cpl., 126th Inf., Co. C- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Kittel, Alvin R.- Hickory Co.- Pvt., 338th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. B- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152) Koenig, Christ- St. Louis City- Pvt., 39th Inf., Co. H- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)
Kuntz, John C.- St. Louis City- Sgt., 138th Inf., Co. K- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)
Kurka, Joseph F.- St. Louis City- Pvt., 7th Inf., Co. L- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)


Langkop, Walter T.- Cooper Co.- Pfc., 125th Inf., Co. A- Oise-Aisne (p. 150)
Langon, Morris- St. Louis City- Pvt., 809th Pioneer Inf., Co. E- Oise-Aisne (p. 157)
Lantis, Clifford L.- Greene Co.- Pvt., 13th Field Artillery, Battery A- Meuse-Argonne (p. 151)
Laughlin, George- Caldwell Co.- Pvt., 18th Inf., HQ Co.- Meuse-Argonne (p. 149)
Layman, Ray- Jackson Co.- Musician, 140th Inf., Co. M- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Leach, William A.- Vernon Co.- Pvt., 165th Inf., Co. K- St. Mihiel (p. 159)
Leake, Lester F.- Chariton Co.- Pvt., 59th Inf., Co. L- Oise-Aisne (p. 150)
Lee, Charlie E.- Jackson Co.- Cpl., 140th Inf., Co. M- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Lenon, John H.- Howell Co.- Pvt., 60th Inf., Co. A- St. Mihiel (p. 152)
Leonard, Tom V.- Buchanan Co.- Pfc., 168th Inf., Co. K- Oise-Aisne (p. 149)
LePere, Walter Henry- St. Francois Co.- 6th Regiment, 75th Co., U.S.M.C.- Meuse-Argonne (p. 156)
Lewis, Everett D.- Lawrence Co.- Pvt., 364th Inf., Co. M- Flanders Field (p. 154)
Loftus, Michael- St. Louis City- Pvt., 354th Inf., Co. H- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)
Lohman, Edward H.- Lafayette Co.- Pvt., 163rd Inf., Co. I- Meuse-Argonne (p. 154)
Long Walter- Jasper Co.- PFC, 130th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. A- St. Mihiel (p. 153)
Lott, Fred G.- Jackson Co.- Cpl., 140th Inf., Co. C- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Love, James O.- Pettis Co.- Cpl., 129th Field Artillery, Battery B- St. Mihiel (p. 156)
Lowe, Mannie M.- Adair Co.- Pfc., 139th Inf., Co. C- Meuse-Argonne (p. 149)

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Compiled by Thomas A. Pearson
Special Collections Department
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