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PILGRIMAGE FOR THE MOTHERS AND WIDOWS OF SOLDIERS, SAILORS, AND MARINES OF THE AMERICAN FORCES NOW INTERRED IN THE CEMETERIES OF EUROPE, AS PROVIDED FOR BY THE ACT OF CONGRESS OF MARCH 2, 1929 (71st Congress, 2nd Session, U.S. House Documents vol. 2, House Document No. 140), which was published by the United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., in 1930. [Central-Government Information Y1.1/2:9225]

PILGRIMAGE includes lists organized by state and then by county of American soldiers, sailors, and marines who were killed during World War I and were then buried in European cemeteries. Listings in this publication provide name and address of the deceased's mother or widow, name of the deceased, deceased's rank and organization, the cemetery in which the deceased was buried, and whether or not the mother or widow wished to make a pilgrimage to the European cemetery in 1930 or some later year.

The following list of Missouri soldiers, sailors, and marines buried in European cemeteries is abstracted from pages 149-159 of PILGRIMAGE FOR THE MOTHERS AND WIDOWS (1930). The list is organized alphabetically by name of the deceased, and is intended to facilitate access to the Missouri section of PILGRIMAGE. It includes the name of the deceased, city or county of residence, deceased's rank and organization, the cemetery in which the deceased was buried, and the page number in PILGRIMAGE on which this listing appears.

Please contact our Government Information Department (314-539-0375) if you would like a photocopy of the complete listing for an individual, county, or state from the PILGRIMAGE publication. [Central-Government Information Y1.1/2:9225]

The following abbreviations are used in this index:

Co.- county or company, depending on the context
Cox2C- Coxswain Second Class
Cpl.- Corporal
Cpt. Captain
Det.- Detachment
Div.- Division
HQ- Headquarters
Inf.- Infantry
Lt.- Lieutenant
Maj.- Major
Med.- Medical
MM- Machinist's Mate
M.P.- Military Police
Pfc.- Private First Class
PM- Pharmacist's Mate
Pvt.- Private
Q.M.- Quartermaster
Rec.- Recruit
Sec.- Section
Sgt.- Sergeant
Sup.- Supply
Tn.- Training
Trans.- Transportation
U.S.M.C.- United States Marine Corps
1C- First Class
2C- Second Class
3C- Third Class



Adams, Lloyd L.- Jackson Co.- Cpl., 356th Inf., Co. E- St. Mihiel (p.153)
Adams, Solomon Henry- Jasper Co.- Cox2C, U.S. Navy- Oise-Aisne (p. 153)
Adams, William T.- Greene Co.- Sgt., 18th Inf., Co. D- Oise-Aisne (p. 151)
Adamson, Paul D.- Jackson Co.- Musician 3C, 110th Engineers, HQ Co.- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Admire, Roger C.- St. Louis City- Pvt., 362th Inf., Co. G- Flanders Field (p. 157)
Allen, Alford N.- Taney Co.- Pvt., 124th Field Artillery, Battery B- Meuse-Argonne (p. 158)
Allen, William H.- Phelps Co.- Pvt., 138th Inf., Co. A- Suresnes (p. 156)
Atkins, Lenzele- Greene Co.- Pvt., 5th Regiment, 66th Co., U.S.M.C.- Aisne-Marne (p. 151)


Baker, Emery L.- Cole Co.- Pvt., 28th Inf., Co. M- Suresnes (p. 150)
Baker, Robert H.- Clay Co.- Sgt., 140th Inf., Co. H- Meuse-Argonne (p. 150)
Bales, John J.- Worth Co.- Cpl., 351st Inf., Co. L- Meuse-Argonne (p. 159)
Bane, William E.- Macon Co.- Pvt., Camp Pike, 21st Co., A.R.D.- Oise-Aisne (p. 154)
Barham, Emmett C.- Polk Co.- Pvt., 23 Inf., Co. A- Meuse-Argonne (p. 156)
Barnes, John E.- Gentry Co.- Pvt., 354th Inf., Co. D- Meuse-Argonne (p. 151)
Baughman, Arthur B.- Jackson Co.- Pvt., 140th Inf., Co. F- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Baum, William T.- St. Louis City- Pvt., 138th Inf., Co. C- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)
Begley, Clyde E.- Vernon Co.- Pvt., Camp McArthur, 31st Co.- Oise-Aisne (p. 159)
Belknap, Clanie C.- Dallas Co.- Pvt., 21st Machine Gun Battalion, Co. C- St. Mihiel (p. 151)
Bell, Ernest M.- Lafayette Co.- Pvt., 153 Inf., Co. B- Oise-Aisne (p. 154)
Benjamin, William T.- Johnson Co.- M.D., Casual Detachment, Camp 1- Oise-Aisne (p. 154)
Beyer, Raymond H.- Greene Co.- Pfc., 130th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. A- Meuse-Argonne (p. 151)
Bibb, Thomas W.- Lincoln Co.- Cpl., 11th Inf., Co. C- Meuse-Argonne (p. 154)
Billott, Leonard W.- Platte Co.- Pvt., 356th Inf., Co. I- Suresnes (p. 156)
Blackburn, David E.- Saline Co.- Cpl., 140th Inf., Co. A- Meuse-Argonne (p. 158)
Blum, Herman R.- Clark Co.- Pfc., 38th Inf., Co. C- Oise-Aisne (p. 150)
Boggs, Lauron- Saline Co.- Pvt., 16th Inf., Co. A- Oise-Aisne (p. 158)
Boitnott, Eura- Mississippi Co.- Pvt., 6th Inf., Co. A- Meuse-Argonne (p. 155)
Bollman, Charles E..- Saline Co.- Pvt., 4th Inf., Co. D- Meuse-Argonne (p. 158)
Bonnett, David E.- Sullivan Co.- Pvt., 16th Inf., Co. E- Aisne-Marne (p. 158)
Boyce, Rector Guy- Pulaski Co.- Pvt., 59th Inf., Co. L- Meuse-Argonne (p. 156)
Boyce, Samuel H.- Jefferson Co.- Pvt., Camp McArthur, 39th Co.- Oise-Aisne (p. 153)
Boyer, Clive A.- Callaway Co.- Cpl., 354th Inf., Co. B.- Meuse-Argonne (p. 149)
Bradley, Fred T.- Knox Co.- Pvt., 30th Inf., Co. E- Meuse-Argonne (p. 154)
Branch, Arthur M.- Lincoln Co.- Pvt., 10th Inf., Co. K- Meuse-Argonne (p. 154)
Brennan, James F.- St. Louis City- Sgt., 138th Inf., Co. G- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)
Brock, Clarence J. - St. Louis City- Cpl., 354th Inf., Co. L- Meuse-Argonne (p. 157)
Brosius, Lloyd- Jasper Co.- Sgt., 6th Machine Gun Battalion, 81st Co.- Aisne-Marne (p. 153)
Brown, Basil Wylie- McDonald Co.- Pvt., 312th M. Trans. Corps- Suresnes (p. 154)
Brown, Charles A.- Jasper Co.- Pvt., 27th Engineers, Co. F- Meuse-Argonne (p. 153)
Brown, Lewis A.- Perry Co.- Pvt., Camp McArthur, 12th Co.- Oise-Aisne (p. 155)
Brown, Sanford M., Jr.- Jackson Co.- Cpt., 139th Inf., Co. G- Meuse-Argonne (p. 152)
Brownrigg, Willie- St. Louis City- Pvt., 806th Pioneer Inf., Co. G- St. Mihiel (p. 157)
Buck, John Roy- Saline Co.- Pvt., 101th Inf., Co. D- Meuse-Argonne (p. 158)
Buckley, Edward R.- Benton Co.- Pvt., 4th Inf., Co. H- Meuse-Argonne (p. 149)
Bunton, Allen- Crawford Co.- Pvt., 61st Inf., Co. F- Meuse-Argonne (p. 150)
Burk, John C.- Pettis Co.- Cpl., 140th Inf., Co. D- Meuse-Argonne (p. 155)
Burns, Edward J.- New Madrid Co.- Pvt., 9th Inf., Med. Det. Co.- St. Mihiel (p. 155)
Burt, Floyd F.- St. Louis City- Pvt., 114th Engineers, Co. D- St. Mihiel (p. 157)

Compiled by Thomas A. Pearson
Special Collections Department
St. Louis Public Library

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