Thursday, May 15, 2014


SLPL provides access to for our customers at Central Library and our branches. You may be surprised to find that Ancestry offers access to numerous collections of military records. This access can take the form of:

1. Index only
2. Abstract of a record
3. Digitized version of a register or other publication
4. Link to a third-party database (signified by [WEB])

You can attempt to find a military record by doing an overall search of, but I suggest that you try a search of Ancestry’s Card Catalog. Keywords to use will vary depending on the nationality of the soldier and the war in question. Following are the results of searches done with the keywords noted:

Note: Case does not matter.

military [587 hits]
military world war I [233 hits]
military world war II [89 hits]
military vietnam [44 hits]
military colonial [7 hits]
military indian [7 hits]
military 1812 [61 hits]
military mexican [5 hits]
military civil war [134 hits]
military confederate [34 hits]
military spanish [11 hits]
military militia [20 hits]
military officers [38 hits]
military navy [37 hits]
military army [66 hits]
military marine [38 hits]

Do keywords used really matter? You betcha! Here are the results of a search for Revolutionary War soldiers:

military revolution [29 hits]
military revolutionary [56 hits]

Ancestry also has some collections that deal with soldiers who served in the armies of other countries.

military UK [58 hits]
military Canada [42 hits]
military Australia [51 hits]
military Germany [45 hits]

Good luck in your military ancestor searching!

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