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Outlaw and folk hero Frank James was born Alexander Franklin James in Kearney, Missouri, to Baptist minister Reverend Robert Sallee James and his wife Zerelda (Cole) James on January 10, 1843. The family originally resided in Kentucky.

James was the oldest of the couple’s four children: Robert (died young); Jesse; and Susan. Frank was 18 when the Civil War began, and became a member of the pro-Confederate militia, the Missouri State Guard. After some time spent as a prisoner of the Union Army, he returned home. By early 1863, he was riding with local guerrillas: first Fernando Scott, then William Clarke Quantrill. He was with Quantrill during the raid on Lawrence, Kansas (August 21, 1863) during which approximately 200 men and boys were killed, many in cold blood.

After the war, Frank and younger brother Jesse operated as bandits in various states, robbing banks and trains as the opportunity arose. After Jesse was assassinated in 1882, James surrendered to Missouri’s then governor, Thomas Crittenden. He was tried twice for robbery/murder, and acquitted both times.

James later worked as shoe salesman, ticket taker in a burlesque house, and also performed on the lecture circuit. He returned home in later years, and gave tours of the family homestead for a quarter. He died on February 18, 1915, leaving behind wife Annie and one son.

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