Monday, December 2, 2013


Their November/December 2013 issue features these articles:

Wide-Angle Census Searches (scan the whole neighborhood, not just the people you searched for)

Forwarding Addresses from the Past (a closer look at letters, postcards, and other documents that provide addresses)

Christmas Cards: a New Christmas Tradition (they can sometimes provide genealogical clues as well as great memories)

Special Collections: a Source Worth Exploring (a look at special collections of libraries and other institutions)

Finding My Family from Wales: Where to Begin? (Welsh ancestors research strategy)

Wooden Shoe Genealogy, Part II: Grounding Your Family in the Netherlands (researching those Dutch and Frisian ancestors)

The Empire of Death (review of a new book about ossuaries and charnel houses)

Dating Old Photographs Through Fashion (style clues can help you date family photos)

The Strangling Angel: Diptheria (it almost certainly killed at least one of your ancestors)

This VC is Still a Mystery, a Century Later (John Leak was a war hero, but what about his life before the war?)

You can read this magazine (and other issues of this title) in the Genealogy Room at Central Library (St. Louis).

Genealogy pages on the SLPL website

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