Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Records/Documents with Potential Significance for Genealogists

The following types of records can provide valuable information for the person just beginning his/her genealogical research:

Account books
Adoption records
Address books
Animal bounty records
Alien internment records
Alien registration records
Almshouse/asylum records
Apprenticeship/Indenture records
Baby books
Bank records
Bankruptcy records
Baptism records
Bible records
Birth records
Bounty land records
Cattle brands/estray records
CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) records
Cemetery & burial records
Census records
Christening records
Church records
City & county directories
Class photos/class reunions
Club records
College & university records
Confirmation records
Coroner's records
County histories
Court records
Deeds & mortgages
Divorce records
Dog license records
Draft registration & conscription records
Employment records
Family histories
Family photos
FBI/police records
Financial records
Fraternal organization records
Funeral cards
Government agency records
Graduation records
Guardian records

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