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In a time when most cemeteries were racially segregated, Washington Park Cemetery was founded by businessmen Andrew Henry Watson and Joseph John Hauer as a for-profit burial place for African Americans. It became the largest African American cemetery in the St. Louis area—approximately 44,000 individuals are buried there.

Located in the City of Berkeley, Missouri, the cemetery was established in 1920 in an area that was then unincorporated St. Louis County.

We now own a multi-volume book set that reproduces lot cards for Washington Park Cemetery in (mostly) alphabetical order by surname. Below is a finding aid for the volumes in that book set. If you would like us to check for a particular individual, you can call us at 314241-2288 or email us at webref@slpl.org. Cards typically provide:

Interment #
Burial permit #
Last residence
Age in years
Place of death
Undertaker (name, sometimes address)
Cause of death
Date of death
Date of interment
Lot #
Section #
Grave #

Vol. 1---A
Vol. 2---B—Bickell
Vol. 3---Bickham, Emma—Broadie, Ernest M.
Vol. 4---Broadie, Jane—Busch, Edward
Vol. 5---Bush, Amelia—Chambers, Henry F.
Vol. 6---Caston—Cole, Ada
Vol. 7---Cole, Alice—Cox, Zella
Vol. 8---Cozart, Alice—Curtis, Willie J.
Vol. 9---Curtiss—Dawkins
Vol. 10---Dawson, Agnes—Donell, Samuel
Vol. 11---Donelson—Easley
Vol. 12---Eason, Cora—Erskine, Ellis
Vol. 13---Ewes—Exum
Vol. 14---Ezel, Princess—Forbes, Leander
Vol. 15---Forbes—Futwa
Vol. 16---Gabe, Mathew L.—Gleason, Sallie
Vol. 17---Glee—Greene
Vol. 18---Greenfield, Arthur—Hamilton, Willie Lee
Vol. 19---Hamlet—Hatten
Vol. 20---Hattic, Aline—Hemingway, Peyton
Vol. 21---Hemphill—Hinderman
Vol. 22---Hinds, Anderson—Hornbeak, Rose
Vol. 23---Horne—Hunter
Vol. 24---Huntley, Clyde—Jackson, Zora G.
Vol. 25---Jacobs—Johnston
Vol. 26---Joiner, Abe—Justice, Emma
Vol. 28---Kaigler—Lay
Vol. 29---Lightfoot—Lyons
Vol. 30---Lytle, Elizabeth—Mazique, Charles
Vol. 31---McAlee—McGarack
Vol. 32---McGaha, Rosie Lee—Milliner, Herman
Vol. 33---Million—Moore
Vol. 34---Moreham—Myricks, William
Vol. 35---Nabors—Outlaw
Vol. 36---Overlay—Pass
Vol. 37---Person, Mary—Peteet, John A.
Vol. 38---Peters—Posey
Vol. 39---Posley, Albert—Pullom, Cora
Vol. 40---Pulam—Renaker
Vol. 41---Rendall, Lena—Roden
Vol. 42---Rodger—Saville
Vol. 43---Savoy, Alexander—Shipp, Lucy L.
Vol. 44---Shirley—Smoot
Vol. 45---Snaford, Joseph—Sysmore, Henry
Vol. 46---Tabbert—Tebbs
Vol. 47---Tedoe—Thornhill, Minnie Lee
Vol. 48---Thronton—Tunstall
Vol. 49---Turk, Elizabeth—Voss, Elonora
Vol. 50---Wadell--Warren
Vol. 51---Warrington, Mabel—Wedin, Lucy
Vol. 52---Weedin—Whitney
Vol. 53---Whitsid—Willis, Zedrick
Vol. 54---Willaughby—Zumanski
Vol. 55---Section 1
Vol. 56---Section 2, Lot 1—Section 3, Lot 4
Vol. 57--- Section 3, Lot 5A—Section 4, Lot 2
Vol. 58--- Section 4, Lot 2—Section 5, Lot 3
Vol. 59--- Section 5, Lot 3C—Section 5, Lot 1066
Vol. 60--- Section 6, Lot 42—Section 6B, Lot 1
Vol. 61--- Section 6B, Lot 2—Section 7, Lot 801
Vol. 62--- Section 8, Lot 1-20—Section 8C, Lot 52
Vol. 63--- Section 9, Lot 1—Section 10, Lot 77
Vol. 64--- Section 11, Lot 1—Section 11, Lot 734
Vol. 65--- Section 12
Vol. 66--- Section 14, Lot 1—Section 14, Lot 519
Vol. 67--- Section 15

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