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The following is a selected bibliography of materials in the SLPL collection of interest to the Revolutionary War ancestor researcher. You can find many other items in our catalog by searching this subject entry:

United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Registers.

SLPL Catalog:



1. General Index to Compiled Service Records of Revolutionary War Veterans. 58 reels. (Central-Microfilm)

2. Revolutionary War Service Records. 138 reels. (Central-Microfilm)


3. Atwood, Rodney. The Hessians: Mercenaries from Hessen-Kassel in the American Revolution. NY: Cambridge University Press, 1980. (Central-ST 973.342)

4. Carrington, Henry B. Battles of the American Revolution: Battle Maps and Charts of the Revolution. New York: New York Times, 1968. (Central-ST 973.33)

5. Daughters of the American Revolution. Index of the Rolls of Honor (Ancestor’s Index) in the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1972. 160 volumes. (Central-HG 929.373)

6. Myers, Paul W. Pennsylvania Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, Living in States Other Than Pennsylvania. Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1987. (Central-HG 973.3448)

7. Smith, Clifford Neal. Brunswick Deserter-Immigrants of the American Revolution. Thomson, IL: Heritage House, 1973. (Central-HG 929.343)

8. Smith, Clifford Neal. Mercenaries from Ansbach and Bayreuth, Germany, Who Remained in America after the Revolution. McNeal, AZ: Westland Publications, 1979. (Central-HG 973.342)

9. Smith, Clifford Neal. Muster Rolls and Prisoner of War Lists in American Archival Collections Pertaining to the German Mercenary Troops who Served with the British Forces during the American Revolution. DeKalb, IL: Westland Publications, 1976. (Central-HG 973.342)

10. The State Records of North Carolina. Raleigh: P. M. Hale, 1886-1914, 30 vols. Volume 16 has list of soldiers in North Carolina Continental Line. (Central-ST 975.6)

11. White, Virgil D. Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files. Waynesboro, TN: National Hisotrical Publishing Co., 1990-1992, 3 vols. (Central-HG 973.4)

12. White, Virgil D. Index to Revolutionary War Service Records. Waynesboro, TN: National Historical Publishing Co., 1995, 4 vols. (Central-HG 973.4)

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