Tuesday, October 26, 2010


IV. Militia & Civil War Muster Rolls & Service Records

1. Militia service records, pre-war and post-war
2. Compiled military service records (CMSRs), volunteers
A. Confederate
B. Union
3. U.S. Army or Navy enlistment records

V. Bounty Payments to Enlisting Soldiers

1. In CMSRs
A. Record of bounties paid in county courthouses
B. Bounty land for disabled Confederate soldiers (TX)
C. Homestead lands

VI. Military Census & Militia Enrollment Lists

1. Lists of men liable for conscription (GA, IL, NARA)
2. Militia enrollment lists (FL, GA, KY, LA, MO, NC, TN)
3. State census (1855, 1865- IL)
4. Post-war censuses of veterans (AL, AR, IA, LA, NB, TN)
5. 1890 Federal (former Union soldiers, sailors, & widows)

VII. Equipment & Weapon Issue Records

1. State Adjutant-General Reports
2. State Quartermaster-General Reports
3. Regimental histories

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